We R Press premium services

We Are Press (WRP) was founded in 2010 with the provision of integrated communication services to enterprises as its core activity. Either with regard to the strategic planning, implementation and management of your company’s web presence (website & social media) or with regard to the communication with the Press (press releases, publications, interviews & media training management, advertising budget management, organizing journalistic presentations, indexing), WRP undertakes the promotion of your company image that reflects its existing marketing plan and your wishes. (The close collaboration with our customers is of high significance for WRP and that is why we use the term partner).

Communication is an integral part of everyday life, for both the enterprises and the customers, and as such it should be effortless. Having this as a core element of our philosophy, we believe it should be conducted through two parallel and complementary techniques. Combining an imperceptible approach (through visual management, personal social media accounts management, public & personal relations) with a stand-out approach (website development, organizing boutique or large scale events, company/corporate social media accounts management, follow up).

In WRP we consider close collaboration with our customers as an inextricable part of our working methodology. Thus we exclusively use the terms ‘partners’ instead. Focusing on the unique desires of each partner and armed with our vast journalistic experience, solid market knowledge and the extraordinary ability to draw text in Greek, English, French and Italian, communication is the most essential part of our everyday life. The creative team of journalists, photographers, graphic designers, communicators, brand managers & project managers designs solutions that are unique to the aesthetic and strategy of your company.

In details:

  • Strategic planning of social media platforms (facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, Linkedin).
  • Strategic planning of an integrated communication plan: Media training, preparation, direct and follow up press releases to targeted media, organizing events
  • Social media management: Handling, uploading, monitoring. Design and implementation campaign directed to the social media platforms & the internet, the television, the radio and the printed press (magazines, newspapers).